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Legal services for commercial law

  • studying and development of commercial contracts;
  • legal support of enterprises;
  • signing, execution and cancellation of commercial contracts;
  • pre-trial settlement of commercial disputes;
  • participation in business negotiations with partners;
  • interests representation in commercial courts, etc.

Legal services in civil law

  • terms renewal for inheritance acceptance;
  • protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • announcement of a person’s death;
  • establishments of facts legal force;
  • recognition of the contract invalidity, termination of the contract;
  • debt collection.

Legal services for family law

  • divorce;
  • alimony recovery;
  • property division in the official and civil marriage;
  • deprivation of parental rights;
  • adoption;
  • disputes in family law (appeal and cassation appeals);
  • clarification of family legislation;
  • objections and counter-claims in family proceedings;
  • complaints and petitions to the court;
  • determination of the child residence;
  • preparation of all kinds of documents in family law, etc.

Legal services in housing law

  • repeal the right to use a residential area;
  • the commission deals with housing;
  • rental agreements;
  • legal support in relocation caused by emergency conditions or wear home demolitions, etc.;

Legal services on labor law

  • recovery of wages, penalty payment during its forced absence, etc;
  • reinstatement;
  • legal advice on labor law;
  • documents preparation on the employment relationship;
  • representation in courts of all instances.

Legal services for the protection of consumers' rights

  • making claims, demands;
  • appeal to the Inspectorate for Consumer Protection;
  • phone calls to resolve the situation with the seller (executor);
  • departure to the seller (executor).

Legal services on Administrative Law

  • examination of documents concerning administrative offenses, making strategies of conducting business;
  • witness interrogation in the case of an administrative offense;
  • appeal in the higher-standing instance in case of an administrative offense;
  • protection of rights and interests of citizens after illegal police acts;
  • disputes with state authorities, regulatory and law enforcement authorities and their officials;
  • disputes with the state tax authorities and their officials regarding the cal-culation and payment of taxes and fees, etc.

Legal services in criminal law

  • Familiarization with the materials that formed the basis for registration of criminal proceedings;
  • advocate joining the criminal proceedings;
  • criminal proceedings related to the accident;
  • criminal proceedings related to the persons injury;
  • criminal proceedings related to the property encroachment;
  • criminal proceedings related to the economic activities, etc.

Services in formulation legal documents

  • appeal and cassation complaints;
  • appeal against decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility, the decision on deprivation of a special law( driving license etc.);
  • complaints about compensation for material and moral damages;
  • clarifications, objections, complaints, petitions, applications.

Legal assistance in the sale of businesses

  • businesses sale;
  • purchase of companies (with VAT, without VAT);
  • purchase companies with licences;
  • purchase companies with turnovers;
  • purchase companies with permissions;
  • purchase and sell companies of charitable funds;
  • purchase and sale non-governmental organizations;
  • purchase and sale political parties;
  • purchase and sale security agencies;
  • purchase and sale construction companies;
  • purchase and sell estate agencies.

Registration of trademarks for goods and services

  • providing advice on the protection and use of the mark for goods and ser-vices, prevention of unfair competition and violations of the rights of secu-rity documents owners;
  • preparation of the application for registration a mark for goods and ser-vices in Ukraine;
  • preparation of documents for the examination of applications for designa-tion in a timely manner;
  • preparation and execution of application materials for the legal protection of the brand outside Ukraine;
  • conduct information search:
    • trademarks for goods and services of a certain owner or the applicant in the database of registered trademarks for goods and services in Ukraine;
    • for the goods and services of the owner with the provision of a search re-port and the information on the owner (name, address for correspondence) in the databases of registered trademarks data for goods and services in Ukraine;
    • search designations for identity and similarity;
  • preparation documents for the renewal of the term for the goods and ser-vices;
  • preparation documents for registration of contracts for the disposal of rights to marks for goods and services;
  • comparative analysis of the signs on the availability of rights violations;
  • conflict resolution (mediation);
  • integrated solutions for trademarks for godods and services (the sign for the development of goods and services, assistance in registration of the mark for goods and services, placement of information on industrial prop-erty Internet Exchange).

Notarial services

Agreement certification

  • contracts of sale, gift, exchange real property, including land certification;
  • leases of immovable property certification;
  • mortgage contracts, mortgage certification;
  • leases vehicles certification;
  • contracts of sale, donation of vehicles certification;
  • founding treaties certification;
  • life maintenance contracts (inspection) certification;
  • loan agreements certification;
  • hereditary contracts certification;
  • division of property treaties, including the common property of spouses certification;
  • property management contracts certification.

Power of attorney certification

  • letters of administration, disposal vehicles certification;
  • power of attorney to dispose immovable property certification;
  • power of attorney to dispose all property certification;
  • powers of attorney to represent the interests of the judiciary certification.

Witnessing signatures on documents

  • signatures on bank cards certification;
  • signatures on the charter of the legal entity certification;
  • signatures on a statement of withdrawal from the Limited Liability Com-pany, Private Enterprise certification;
  • signatures on a statement of consent of one of the spouses for the purchase, sale, management of common property of spouses certification;
  • authenticity parents signature on the application for consent to the child’s temporary travel abroad certification;
  • parents’ signatures on the application for obtaining the travel document of the child certification;
  • signatures on other documents: the transfer acts, liquidation balance sheets certification.

Wills including joint testament wills

  • adoption measures to protect inherited property;
  • issue certificate of inheritance;
  • issue ownership certificate for a share in the common property of the spouses in the event of death of a spouse.

Other notarial actions

  • state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • state registration of changes to information about the legal entity and a natural person-entrepreneur;
  • issue certificate to purchase property at a public auction (auctions);
  • issue certificate to purchase property at a public auction (auctions), if the public auction (auctions) did not take place;
  • issue duplicates of notarial documents stored in the affairs of a notary;
  • banning and lifting the ban alienation of immovable property (property rights to immovable property) and vehicles are subject to state registration;
  • fidelity copies (photocopies) of documents and extracts from them certifi-cation;
  • fidelity of translation of documents from one language to another certifi-cation;
  • issue fact that the individual is alive;
  • issue fact of being an individual in a particular place;
  • issue time of presentation of documents;
  • transfer the application of physical and legal persons to other physical and legal persons;
  • perfect executive inscriptions;
  • protests of bills;
  • keeping documents save.

Assistance in obtaining visas

  • obtaining the certificate of good conduct;
  • documents apostillization;
  • legalization of documents;
  • translation of text documents;
  • nostrification;
  • registration of medical insurance;
  • registration of insurance for expulsion.