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Passport and visa

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Biometric passport with a microchip

Is it worth getting a biometric passport with a microchip?

Since the beginning of 2015 biometric passports with chips have been introduced in Ukraine. This is a chip, allowing the use of wireless technologies. According to ICAO decision, the memory chip can provide with the fingerprint and iris information and also to show his photo. The microchip is put in the first page of the document. The presence of the chip in the passport is indicated with the icon on its cover.

The advantages of biometrics:

  • faster border crossing with automated reading of data.
  • theft safety.
  • complexity of making faked documents.
  • the computer compares, so disappears the subjective factor.
  • free movement within the Schengen area without a visa (after the signing of the agreement).

How to obtain a biometric passport?
Check the document in person can be in the migration service or visa application center. It is necessary to go through the following stages:

  • take account details and pay a state fee.
  • fill in an application.
  • make photo (on site).
  • scan fingerprints.
  • leave an electronic signature.

The national passport, identification code, and for men 18-25 years – the military card or a certificate from the recruiting office also must be taken.

Features of biometric passports

Unlike traditional paper version, in the biometric can not make data on children. Each child will have to issue a separate document. Children biometrics issued for 4 years. Fingerprints are taken only from the age of 12 with parental consent.

New passports do not cancel the validity of the old one. The latter will be relevant to the period specified in them. Despite conflicting opinions biometric passports is the future.

Our company will be happy to assist you, including fast delivery (7 days) of the biometric passport.

Children's passports

To obtain a travel document for a child under 12 years of age, you must have:

  • mandatory child’s presence.
  • 1 photo 10×15 (should be glossy face – 80% of the photos on a white background with no frames, little corner, and so on.).
  • 2 photos 4,5×3.5.
  • the identity of all the photos.
  • a certificate confirming the birth of the baby and its copy.
  • child Identification code (if any).
  • civil passports of both parents with certified copies of all the pages, as well as the personal presence of both parents at the time of filing.
  • in the event that one of them is unable to attend, you must statement notarized.

For children who are older than 12 years, the list of securities is virtually the same, but in this case the photos are not necessary.

Children’s passport is a document that is necessary for the child to travel abroad. With them your baby can freely cross the border of Ukraine and travel to any country.

If you can not personally accompany the child abroad, you must design the passport. With him child can travel outside of Ukraine in the presence of relatives, persons, guarantors or in organized groups to attend any events, contests or festivals, training, etc.

Turning to us, you must remember that the cost of services includes all government fees and various expenses. No other expenses are not required, and our experts will provide maximum assistance to promptly solve the problem.

What you need to know more about the children’s passport:

  • this document can be obtained from the child’s birth until they reach 16 years of age.
  • its validity is 4 years. Then it issued a new one. Renew old can not.
  • to visit many countries child from birth is required the original identity.

The new passport must have a new photo, because the children in the process of growing rapidly changing appearance and new photo ID is necessary.

For this travel document is the presence of both parents is not required. Suffice it to a written statement of one of the parents with the signature and seal of a notary. If one of them refuses to give in this case, the matter can be settled in court.

Making children’s passports rather unpleasant and time-consuming procedure, which could be delayed indefinitely. With our company you are guaranteed to get the document as soon as possible, without fear of failure of your plans.

Getting a second passport

Is it possible to get a second valid passport?

If you have a valid passport, you can get another one and use two documents at the same time. It is important to remember that it requires the provision of the original design of the old, or a copy of its first page.

Why do we need two passports?

For people who often go abroad to carry two identity cards is quite convenient. For example, if you often are outside the country and leave on for a long time, then a blank page can be quickly exhausted. You can get into a situation when the stamp is no longer, and the visa is fixed to a particular document. To avoid this, you can give one document, and the second just to show a visa.

Business people often make out a lot of visas in different directions, and it requires constant readiness for travel or finding at this time in a different country. In such a case, and it needs a second document. While you are on a business trip, the staff of the visa center will be engaged in registration of all securities. There is also the option of when entering some countries demonstrate a passport, and in the other – the other.

What you need to do to get a second passport as soon as possible?

Working with our company, you save yourself from having to collect information, signatures and all references again.

Usually when you make a second instrument is necessary to bring the statement, which should indicate the reason for this need. If you have a valid passport, you can place a second. In this case, first put down the required mark under applicable law. In the second and put a stamp on the presence of one another.

The whole procedure takes an average of 21 working days. If you need a passport urgently in this case, it can be issued within 10 working days from the date of submission of the application.

To order this service you just need to visit our office in Kharkiv. Our experts will do everything possible to make paperwork process earthier for you with minimal participation.

Citizenship of Ukraine

Citizenship is regulated by the norms of the Law of Ukraine “About Citizenship”. Without the help of our team of professionals, this procedure will be burdened with a mass of bureaucratic formalities and require great patience and even more time.

Grounds for obtaining citizenship are fixed by legislation of Ukraine and are as follows:

  • birth.
  • geographical origin.
  • the adoption of the citizenship of Ukraine.
  • restoration of citizenship of Ukraine.
  • adoption or guardianship.
  • other statutory basis.

In order for a foreigner to become a citizen of Ukraine he will need to:

  • apply.
  • confirm the absence of foreign citizenship.
  • be familiar with the national language.
  • have a source of funds to exist.
  • have permission to immigrate.
  • no interruption to live on the territory of Ukraine for more than five years (in the presence of a spouse (s) – citizen (s) of Ukraine for more than two years).

A special commission under the President of Ukraine approves and grants citizenship. Only after the publication of the presidential decree the petitioner has the right to indicate in the column “nationality” Ukraine.

Those people that are sentenced to imprisonment for crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine and other countries, accused of genocide and other crimes against humanity can not become citizens of Ukraine.

The term of obtaining citizenship is an average of one year. At the same persons who are immediate relatives – citizens of Ukraine or previously had citizenship, can become citizens of one month with the help of an accelerated procedure.

The list of documents that must be submitted to the migration service depends on the substrate to obtain citizenship.

You can try to get the citizenship of Ukraine on their own. At the same worth to remember about all kinds of bureaucratic, legal, and human factors that can delay the process for a long time. The procedure for the adoption of citizenship troublesome to deal with a lot of nuances, so do not do without professionals. Our specialists will help to understand the bureaucracy and gather the required paper as quickly as possible.

Turning to us, you also get a free detailed advice on all matters related to the design or the selection of a suitable base to obtain citizenship.

Registration and renewal of residence

For foreign citizens who are planning to stay or get a job in the Ukraine is very important to extend the period of stay (registration) by the rules. To do this, they need to apply to the regional office of the Migration Service of Ukraine. It takes diligence, patience, and we have – a reliable partner in the city of Kharkiv with extensive experience in solving similar problems.

What is the initial registration?

The first entry of a foreign citizen to an official of the State Border Service makes a mark on the entry / exit and stores the information in a special register.

Registration renewal

Sometimes foreign nationals are required to increase the length of stay in Ukraine. This will require to issue a special ticket to the passport document.

The employee GMR or other territorial authority is exploring the feasibility and necessity of extending the term of registration, checks the authenticity of the documents submitted and the timeliness of their submission. Ensures availability of the registration of marks or other document confirming the right of an alien to be in Ukraine clarifies the legality of a stay and in the absence of information, which may interfere with the determination of the country in the future. Then this information is sent to the administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for 5 days.

For the period of renewal of registration affects the type of visa and the purpose of stay in Ukraine. If you are the owner of “transit” visa, the residence time is increased by a term that is needed to solve the problem (forced stop). It can be a vehicle repair, illness, natural disaster and so on.

For short-term visas (business trips, tourism) and the visa-free order of the extension period may not exceed 180 days. To extend there are reasons:

  • pregnancy, childbirth.
  • passage of treatment.
  • care for sick family members.
  • business meeting.
  • monitoring the activities of the foreign company’s representative office in Ukraine.
  • carrying out various trainings and seminars.
  • registration of inheritance.
  • submission of documents for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship or immigration.

In the long-term stay visa shall be extended for not more than 30 days, provided that the temporary residence permit was not issued for valid reasons at the time of the visa.

A permanent residence permit


The residence permit is a document that allows legally reside in the territory of Ukraine for a long period of time.

The following foreigners and stateless persons may apply for a permanent residence permit:

  • had Ukrainian citizenship, who were staying on the territory of Ukraine after the termination of citizenship of Ukraine.
  • get permission to immigrate and are eligible for permanent residence on this basis.

Making immigration permit – a preliminary stage on the way to obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. There is established by law, the list of reasons that allow to obtain the desired:

  • the presence of blood relatives of the first line, the citizens of Ukraine.
  • geographical origin. This means that he or his blood relatives up to July 16, 1990 resided in the territory of Ukraine the future of the country.
  • have a parent, child or spouse (s) who have already obtained a permanent residence permit.
  • guardianship, custody of the citizens of Ukraine.
  • refugees.

The following paper must be provided to obtain a permanent residence permit:

  • a document that confirms the foundation for a permanent residence permit. For example, for a first-degree relative is a paper on citizenship relative blood connection on both sides (for example, the proof of kinship with her grandmother provided a birth certificate and certificate of alien parents of his birth).
  • be sure to enter the country. At least one document feeder.

if you wish to obtain a residence permit a citizen of a country with visa procedure will need a visa. For a country with visa-free regime – exit / entry to the territory of Ukraine (border crossing).

Invitation to a foreigner

For the citizens of different countries the entrance in Ukraine is regulated differently. For countries with visa procedure basis for entry visa – the invitation of the host side (there is a set pattern). Such an invitation is issued by the territorial body or in the division of the State Migration Service.

In order to avoid problems related to bureaucratic delays, it is recommended to consult specialists. Our company will help and advise on any questions that may arise in the course of collection, processing and submission of documents.

For the invitations individual need

  • a statement from the host person.
  • a copy of the foreigner’s passport. A notarized translation into Ukrainian.
  • a copy of the passport of a Ukrainian certified signature. Page with registration required. If the person inviting the foreigner, the necessary documents for permanent residence or papers that confirm the education, employment or training.
  • the insurance med. policy (valid).
  • may be required documents on the availability of sufficient financial solvency for guest accommodation.

If the invitation to draw up a legal entity for business events, you will need a list of securities:

  • the application of the legal. face.
  • a copy of the foreigner’s passport. Also required a notarized translation into Ukrainian.
  • guaranteed payment of all costs that are associated with the stay of a foreigner.
  • a copy of the registration card of registration in OVIR organization, certified by the seal of the organization.
  • copies of the passport holder’s signature on the head and on the execution of the authorized person of the company documents.

Ukrainian passport

Having the citizenship of a State, a person receives not only rights, but also agrees to comply with the laws of this country and other liabilities. To become a citizen of Ukraine it will need to collect a lot of documents and go through a large number of bureaucratic procedures. As a result, you get the Ukrainian passport.

Our company will help to obtain citizenship in the shortest possible time, keeping your nerves away from standing in long queues.

How to get citizenship

In order for you to receive citizenship and passport, confirming it must be running one of the following conditions:

  • being born on the territory of Ukraine.
  • have a Ukrainian territorial origin.
  • possess a national language.
  • no other nationality.
  • the availability of financial livelihood.
  • accepting or restoration of nationality.
  • marking or adoption.
  • one or both parents were Ukrainian citizenship.

There are also exceptional cases of acquisition of citizenship by law.

The main difficulty will be the basis on which you want to become a citizen of Ukraine. In each particular case shall be subject to separate consideration, since there are a lot of nuances. It is better to ask the company professionals. We will help you with the documentation, to advise on any issues regarding the grounds for citizenship and help to accelerate the process.


The procedure may be either standard, and take about a year, or accelerated – for one month. The latter option is able to finish in the event, if you have a close relative – a citizen of Ukraine, or you restore citizenship, which had previously.

Apostillization and legalization of documents

Legalization is the official confirmation of their authenticity to be used abroad. This procedure is necessary if the documents are necessary in a country that does not have a bilateral agreement with Ukraine on mutual recognition of the document.


There are several variants of the legalization and apostille – one of the most simple. Apostille of documents made between the countries that participated in the 1961 Hague Convention. For the recognition of the document abroad and validity simply put a special stamp.

Stamps differ in the type of documents:

  • the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. (From the end of 2015 put down “Electronic Apostille” in the registrar office).
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • the Ministry of Education.

There is a concept of double apostille. First, the stamp is placed on the document (original or certified copy), and then a second electronic Apostille put on the translation of the document to be notarized. This is done in the department of RAPA territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

For countries that are not party to the Hague Convention, consular legalization is required. This procedure was approved by international law and is aimed at the recognition of official documents abroad. It is performed in several steps:

  • legalization of securities in the Ministry of Justice.
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • translation and notarization.
  • legalization of the consulate or embassy of the country where going to use.

Such a document will have effect only in the State in which the consulate or embassy was legalized.

Apostille in conjunction with the consular legalization:

  • stamping the Ministry of Ukraine.
  • translation by a sworn translator of the embassy.

Legalization at the consulate or embassy of the country of destination.

Documents registration

Making passports with our company is an easy and simple procedure. You will need to provide a minimum package of documents. Mandatory documents are:

  • your passport without damaged relevant photos.
  • identification number.

As additional documentation that may be required in some cases may require:

  • old passport (if available). If it has expired, the document is void if the design of the new migration service. If the validity of a second passport still allows you to travel, should necessarily give it an original and a copy of the first page.
  • if you change the names must have a passport of spouse (s) for writing identical names, as well as the marriage certificate with the mandatory translation into Ukrainian.
  • residents of the Crimea and the area ATO must provide additional documents proving his identity (law, military card, pension certificate, student ID, etc.).
  • if the citizens for religious reasons no INN (refusal) in civilian passport must necessarily be a mark (stamp) on the refusal of the INN.

For children’s passport will need:

  • birth certificate (issued by the registry office).
  • civil parents’ passports.
  • if a child has not reached the age of 12 years, his presence is not required, it is possible to provide 2 photos 3.5 x 4.5.

In some cases it will be necessary to provide:

  • proof of citizenship if one parent is a foreigner.
  • the certificate of divorce, if the parents are divorced, and when you make the passport the child is present only one.
  • for single mothers certificate from the registrar.

After the child is 12 years of its presence in the issuance of the passport is necessary.

Getting identification number

Leisure, business trip or traveling with relatives abroad are impossible without the passport. If the departure date draws near, and time for the collection and submission of required documents is not, we will help you. Our company in Kharkov offers order and receive one of the most important documents – identification number. We guarantee fast and efficient solution to all issues.

Who and what gets identification number

Individual tax number is already in the title identify its purpose. Almost any operation, whether opening a bank account, profit, property registration and more impossible without provision of TIN.

It must obtain the following people:

  • citizens of Ukraine.
  • non-citizens who wish to reside in the country permanently.
  • non-citizens who do not live in Ukraine, but perform operations on its territory, involving the payment of taxes.

All these categories of persons have the right to opt out of receiving identification number, if it is contrary to their religious beliefs. In this case, a corresponding mark in the passport is made. To do this, it will be necessary to apply to the state authorities.

How to obtain an identification code

You must contact the tax office at the place of residence and provide the following information about yourself:

  • Date of Birth.
  • Place of residence (for foreigners and even citizens).
  • The number, series, date and place of issue.

All this information is necessary to fill the registration card taxpayer. Then it is served in GRFLN. You can do this on their own or through an authorized person and by the legal representative.

Our company will help you to avoid the long lines and other bureaucratic inconvenience. So is it possible if you get sick, are abroad, etc. just need to notarize a power of attorney.

Overdue stay in Ukraine

In case of violation of staying terms on the territory of Ukraine there will be administrative penalties for foreign citizens and stateless people. Liability under the law are also citizens of Ukraine to facilitate the above-mentioned persons living or getting a job after the expiry of the legal stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Our company in Kharkov draws your attention to the fact that any reason (work, study, disease, etc.) does not cancel administrative fines. Its dimensions are regulated by Articles 203 and 204 of the Code of Administrative Offences.

If the above mentioned people for any reason do not have time to leave or inadvertently missed the end of the term, for a start they need to pay a fine. With a small violation of the terms (1-5 days) of arrival will be paid directly at the time of departure from the territory of Ukraine at the border crossing. If the violation of the terms was the place to be quite a long time, the fine can be paid only in the State Migration Service.

It is quite complex and requires a large amount of time-consuming process. The main feature – the article and, consequently, the amount of liability and the penalty for the violation, as a foreigner, and the host country, which are determined by the Inspector Migration Service. Our company will help in the collection of documents or any other matters of procedure.

After paying the fine issued administrative report with information about the detected violations of length of stay, and the imposition of a penalty payment. It is this document will pass the border control.

It should be remembered that the border crossing with expired residence may entail not only a fine, but the ban on the entry of 3 months to 5 years on the territory of Ukraine.